Rocketshipsports is a not for profit corporation dedicated to promoting high quality athletic events and group fitness activities.

We had no idea when we started a bicycle time trial in March of 2007 that the series would be just the starting point for our mission of providing the best athlete focused events.  We have promoted a couple of hundred events with our goal of fair competition for all. It is obvious at our races that the focus is on you the participant and your experience. We believe there is a huge difference between what others are doing and what we do. Our popularity is partly attributed to generous prizes, unique features and high tech equipment. We constantly are attempting to add new features to our races to make them better. Growing outside the realm of cycling and becoming a respected expert in event management has added a new layer to our expanding resume. We have promoted Running events, triathlons, adventure races, expos and community fitness activities including state and national championship events.   While sometimes it is hard to distinguish that this is a hobby for all of our directors, Rocketship Sports does not pay a salary to anyone as we are all volunteers. We are a true 501c3 not for profit  corporation.  Any income earned from our events or donations are put back into the organization to continue to purchase additional equipment.  Our volunteer crew includes everyone from ex-professional cyclist to sports agents, runners to triathletes, engineers to bankers, marketing specialist to artists all with years of experience in sport and business. Our approach is different and our races are different.
Our board of directors has an annual meeting held on the saddle or on running shoes, you are welcome to attend if you think you can keep up!

You can contact Roger Bowersock at info@rocketshipsports.com